12 Things NOT To Do While Smooching!

In the game of kissing, there are more DON’Ts than dos!

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I’m pretty sure most of us have had at least one horrible kissing experience. And the funniest part is that some of us think we’re kissing pros – but end up doing not-so-pro things. Smooching entails much more than just locking lips and is such a delightful, passionate way to deepen your connection with your lover. Every kiss you share with your partner should be flawless, whether it’s your first or one hundredth. Now it may sound difficult, but it’s not that hard at all. All you need to do is avoid doing stupid, gross stuff – and you’re good to go.

We’ve got 12 things you should never do when it comes to kissing, to get you snogging like a pro!

Don’t lead with your tongue

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A kiss can be lovely, but the moment a mushy, wet tongue touches your lips for the first time, it’s guaranteed to ruin the spell. At the beginning of a kiss, always lead with your lips. When you find a beat, you can add your tongue, but wait until the moment is right.

Don’t smother

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Most folks get all passionate and want a really energizing kiss. After all, who wouldn’t desire that? But rather than inflicting pain and misery, it’s best to direct the energy to something more enjoyable. Don’t become so passionate to the point that you choke the kissee. This could come off as harsh and frightening – it can turn them off, or outright make them hesitant to carry on.

Don’t forget to breathe

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I know a kiss can take your breath away, but just don’t make it literal!

If you’re having difficulties breathing while you kiss, it could mean that the two of you are rubbing noses or that you’re in an awkward posture. Even if you make yourselves comfortable, but still find it difficult to breathe, just take a brief break between kisses every few seconds to breathe. You definitely don’t want to pass out in the middle of a kiss.

Don’t become a human tap

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While saliva production varies from person to person, you have some control over how much of it gets on your kissing partner’s face. When kissing, be sure not to push too much saliva out of your mouth and watch how wide your mouth moves. You’ve likely gone too far if you’re getting your partner’s chin or face covered in saliva. Plus, no one should require a towel for their face during a make out session.

Don’t drift away

In general, some people view kissing as a pit stop on the way to sex, while others focus on the act of kissing itself. If you are preoccupied with what will happen next or what will happen later that night, you won’t give your best effort. Don’t just perform the bare minimum. Kissing can be a significant method to physically connect with someone you care about. But be cautious about making every kiss a pretext for sex. A kiss shouldn’t always go beyond, because doing so can make your spouse feel uncomfortable.

Avoid smacking sounds

Anyone who has ever watched a reality show has definitely heard the unmistakable sound the competitors make as they lock lips. Even if you aren’t being mic’d up on a reality TV programme, you might be creating too much suction if you can hear the “smacking” sound. Unavoidably, there will be some noise, but attempt to move more slowly to avoid causing a commotion.

Don’t sneak

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Ever wonder why we close our eyes when we kiss? One, because it’s a magical moment and two, who even likes someone staring in their face?

If you don’t close your eyes when kissing your partner, it’ll make them feel awkward and uncomfortable. The main idea of keeping your eyes closed as you kiss is to keep you both free from interruptions and help deepen the connection. This allows you to focus on the now, rather than letting your eyes wander.

It’s not just the lips

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A peck is always pleasant, however, it’s improper to merely kiss on the lips. I’ll let you in on a little secret: women adore neck kisses. It doesn’t hurt to try a different kiss, because a kiss isn’t just for the lips. You name it: kiss their neck, ears, cheeks, shoulders, etc. Don’t limit yourself, because doing so shows your versatility and will keep them guessing.

Don’t chew!

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In everything pertaining to the mouth, the teeth are crucial. That applies to eating and kissing, respectively. But take note that they are not the same. Gently nip and bite — pay special attention to the lower lip — to add that sensual touch to the whole thing. Don’t bite or chew on your partner’s lips like it’s freaking food! Also, think twice before using forceful biting and hickeys. While some people find it enticing, others find it annoying. It sounds confusing, but all it takes is finding the clue and taking the lead.

Avoid groping

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Your hands flailing about? Absolutely erotic. But just hold that thought. Your partner might not be ready for the touchy part just yet, or they can be very sensitive to the point of discomfort. Whether male or female, it’s best to avoid touching the Michelin tyres and the love handles because it makes them self-conscious and only ruins the moment for both of you. Before letting your hands venture further, test the other person’s comfort level by slipping your hands into every nook and cranny. If the other person finds it weird, desperate, or just plain improper, it may be a bit much for one occasion and a significant turn-off.

Don’t stink

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If you want to make a kiss memorable, check your breath first. Even if you normally take your oral odour for granted, don’t even consider it while kissing is involved. You wouldn’t want to do that unless you’re crazy and want to scare the person you’re going to kiss away. So don your best perfume, light your loveliest candles, and then check your breath.

Don’t keep your lips dry

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I mean, you are kissing and not sandpapering your partner’s lips.

Before you start the task, make sure you are tidy, smell good, and feel smooth. Additionally, when you attend to these minor details, the other person feels valued. Don’t put off your lip care routine because you believe no one else would lick them. You simply won’t know. Always have chapstick on hand, and make sure to moisturize your lips.

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